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Monitor any possible server performance metrics and incidents:

Server performance

  • High CPU or memory utilization
  • Network bandwidth usage
  • Packet loss rate
  • Interface error rate
  • Number of tcp connections is anomaly high for this day of the week
  • Aggregate throughput of core routers is low

Server availability

  • Free disk space is low
  • System status is in warning/critical state
  • Device temperature is too high / too low
  • Power supply is in critical state
  • Fan is in critical state
  • No SNMP data collection
  • Network connection is down

Configuration changes

  • New components added or removed
  • Network module is added, removed or replaced
  • Firmware has been upgraded
  • Device serial number has changed
  • Interface has changed to lower speed or half-duplex mode


This is a sample list of server-related metrics and incidents, monitored by Smart Cloud Monitor out of the box. See the full list in template descriptions. You can extend/change the scope of monitored objects by adding new items, writing custom data collection scripts, building custom templates, etc.

Use out-of-the-box templates to monitor all popular servers & OS:

Smart Cloud Monitor features and benefits

Metric collection

Various data collection methods and protocols

Flexible and extendable data gathering

  • Calculated and aggregated metrics. For example: sum of traffic between two ports on a network switch.
  • Preprocess collected data. For example: use regexp to extract some specific metric from legacy device.



  • Start to monitor all metrics instantly by using out-of-the-box templates
  • Clone and mass-update thousands of similar network devices using device configuration templates
Problem detection

Flexible trigger expressions

  • Create complex logical expressions regarding monitored statistics of network devices
  • Avoid false positives by defining hysteresis

Trigger dependencies

  • Define multi-level dependencies between related network nodes. Detect root cause failures.

Proactive network monitoring

  • Predict network downtimes
  • Predict trends of bandwidth usage
  • Detect anomalies in network load

Problem severity levels

  • Define trigger severity levels to help concentrate on most important problems in case of multiple network issues.

Flexible notifications

  • Multiple delivery methods: email, sms, jabber, custom scripts or messenger
  • Customize message content based on receipient

Remote command execution

Event correlation

Customized escalation scenarios


Integration with 3rd party software

  • Helpdesks, ticketing systems
  • Configuration management systems
  • Messengers, mobile applications

Task automation

Distributed monitoring

Smart Cloud Monitor proxy

  • Monitor remote servers even behind the firewalls
  • Run remote commands behind firewalls

Optimized for high performance

  • Scale endless by
  • Scale by offloading central server

High Availability

  • Buffer monitoring data even if Smart Cloud Monitor server is not available
  • Build redundant monitoring solution using Smart Cloud Monitor components. See example.

Security and authentication

  • Encrypt all monitoring traffic between Smart Cloud Monitor and your network devices
  • Use LDAP authentication and flexible user permissions

Start to monitor your network in 10 minutes!